Kitchen Cabinet Design | Kitchen Layout Ideas

Basic Kitchen Design

A kitchen is believed to be the heart of a home… it is the place the meal is prepared and served (in many cases). It is also the area where a homemaker spends most of her time. That is why it is essential that this kitchen space is convenient, comfortable and efficient. No wonder that the kitchen remodeling projects are so popular with many homeowners. By following some simple kitchen design ideas, you can also create a kitchen that would be easy on the eyes as well as functional. When you are coming up with a kitchen layout, keep in mind the kitchen triangle, style, & functionality.

How big is your Triangle?

The work triangle, present in virtually every kitchen, defines the distance between the refrigerator, the range or cooktop, and the sink. If you keep the triangle as compact as possible, you’ll reduce your travel time between these key appliances and make your kitchen more enjoyable all the way around. As a rule of thumb, each of the three “legs” of the triangle should be between 4 and 8 feet long.

Define your style!

Are you looking for the rich elegance that evokes a sense of tradition or is it the sleek and defined modern feel? Take into account the mood, as well as, the functionality of your kitchen design. Your kitchen style should fit into one of these four major categories: Traditional, Contemporary, Country or Transitional.  No matter whats your style, your design should be as much a work of art as it is a functional space.


A good way to ensure proper kitchen design is to use your present kitchen as a starting point. Do you like where your ovens are located? Is the refrigerator in a user-friendly location that doesn’t European Style Cabinetrycause traffic while you are trying to cook? Would another sink or oven be helpful with food preparation? Is there ample space near a pantry to set down groceries?  Is the dishwasher placed for efficient loading and unloading?

Appliances should blend in with other design elements in your kitchen. You can achieve this by having them built into the cabinets or paneled to look like them. Or if you prefer, you can make a statement with a stand-alone, like those made with a decorative vent hood and carved wood ornamentation or a stainless steel refrigerator.  Remember, the time to make changes is before the plumbing and electrical work is started.