face frame

FACE FRAMES are select solid wood. Stiles and rails are 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ or 2″, kiln-dried to meet rigid standards for strength and no-checking qualities. All face frames are double-pocket screwed and glued at all joints while being held in an automatic framing machine to ensure perfect squareness. Face frame stiles have a 1/8″ trimmable scribe and a 1/4″ dado to receive end panels.

END PANELS are 3/4″ with maple veneer plywood; dadoed to receive tops, bottoms, backs, and face frames. All Exposed end panels are 1/4″ wood veneer; finished with stain, sealer, and finish coat.

TOP AND BOTTOM PANELS of wall cabinets and bottom panels of base cabinets are 1/2″ with maple veneer plywood. Cabinet bottoms and wall cabinet tops are dadoed into face frame. Cabinet bottoms are reinforced with a center blocking on base cabinets 42″ thru 48″ wide.

BACKS are 1/2″ with maple veneer plywood.

WOOD CORNER BLOCKS of 3/4″ plywood, are used for bracing all base cabinets. Corner blocks are also used for securing countertops to cabinets.

TOE KICK STRIPS are 1/4″ wood veneer; stained to match with the cabinet exterior, for placement after cabinet installation

SHELVES are 3/4″ MDF with maple veneer or particleboard with Maple Melamine, or White Melamine. Shelves are adjustable with steel pin shelf supports on 32mm centers.

DRAWERS are constructed of 5/8” solid maple wood sides, backs, and fronts with dovetail corners, and are slotted to receive ¼” plywood bottoms. Drawer guides are full extension “TANDEM” guide with closure control. Drawer guides are concealed undermount, metal guides with 14 synthetic cylindrical rollers. Guides feature a 100 pound load capacity and are designed with a self closing action.

DOORS are constructed of the following materials: Flat doors are 3/4″ solid wood. Panel doors are 3/4″ solid wood frames with 1/2″ solid wood flat panel insert or 3/4″ solid wood raised insert. On painted doors an MDF center panel will be used when there are no wood treatments specified.

WOODS are available in twelve species: oak, natural birch, select red birch, paint grade maple, select maple, cherry, rustic cherry, alder, rustic alder, natural hickory, walnut, and quarter sawn red oak. Additional wood species are available upon request.

FINISHES Wood finishes are available in natural or a selection of standard and special stain colors. The stain is sealed with a catalyzed vinyl sealer (for moisture barrier), hand sanded, and finished with a high quality catalyzed non-yellowing, acrylic top coat. Finishes are also available in a selection of standard and special opaque colors. Opaque colors are obtained by applying a base coat of catalyzed vinyl sealer (for moisture barrier), and a top coat of high quality pigmented catalyzed acrylic. The catalyzed acrylic top coat is highly resistant to household chemicals, water, alcohol, and mild acids. Cabinets have a finish wood exterior and a standard interior in maple veneer with a natural finish.

HARDWARE hinges are standard using concealed, self-closing hinge in a nickel finish. Hinge overlays cabinet frame 1/2″ at sides, top, and bottom. Optional hinging is available; such as full overlay, inset construction with concealed hinge or exposed Finial Hinges.

Lurk Custom Cabinets reserves the right to change, without notice, the design, construction, or materials listed herein. These changes will always be made to improve the product, or they will be made if certain specified materials become unavailable for reasons beyond our control.

CUSTOM MATCH DOOR and DRAWER FRONT STYLES are available. Door profiles supplied by dealer will be matched as close as possible. Door and Drawer Front Styling charge to be determined at time of match. Contact factory for more information regarding customization of doors and drawer fronts.