Kitchen Island Design Tips

Maximize space | add an Island

One of the most compelling reasons to pay special attention to kitchen island designs is that it will help to maximize the available space in a modern kitchen. There are several kitchen islanddesign ideas that you can think about here are a few.

Incorporate Electronics And Plumbing

The kitchen island is actually the cook’s main working area and is more than additional kitchen cabinet space because it helps you to easily access everything that you need to get more out of your cooking in a simple and easy manner. For example, for people that tend to cook vegetables it pays to add a convenient kitchen sink close to the island.

Island Functionality

Another important kitchen island design idea, having open as well as closed shelves in the island helps create a more stylish kitchen. You can use your open shelves to cookbooks while closed cabinets are very ideal for storing pots, pans and knives. Add even more functionality by adding wine racks, shelving, and bins in a few elevated surfaces. The only thing that you should not do is go overboard with your island design because the island is ideally a place where you can store things that will be easily accessible and you should also ensure designing the island in such a manner that you don’t make mistakes such as storing wines to close to a hot oven or your spices to close to pluming that tends to remain moist.

While there is a lot to think about when planning your island, the time you take to plan it will save you time in the long run.

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