signature series

is a selection of natural stain, spray stain, or spray and wipe stain colors that are finished in a non-yellowing catalyzed acrylic top coat. This series highlights the beauty of the wood with its symplicity.


Colonial Maple Alder Jacobean Alder Natural Alder
Sepia Alder
American Walnut Alder
Burnt Sienna Alder
Fawn Alder
Pearl Alder
Special Walnut Alder
Spice Alder
Traditional Cherry Alder

Birch (Natural)

Early American Birch
Rose' Birch
Sepia Birch
Traditional Cherry Birch
Autumn Blush Birch
Barrel  Brown Birch
Camel Birch
French Roast Birch Natural Birch
Rosewood Birch
Spice Birch
Timber Birch

Birch (Select Red)

Colonial Maple Red Birch
Golden Oak Red Birch
Natural Red Birch


Colonial Maple Cherry
Early American Cherry
Sangria Cherry
Suntan Cherry
Traditional Cherry Cherry
Andorra Cherry
Auburn Cherry
Blackcherry Cherry
Brown Cherry Cherry
Canyon Stone Cherry
Cinnamon Cherry Ebony Cherry
Heartwood Cherry
Jacobean Cherry
Natural Cherry
Night Horizon Cherry
Provincial Cherry
Rich Cherry Cherry
Rose' Cherry
Rust Cherry
Seminole Cherry
Spice Cherry

Hickory (Natural)

Colonial Maple Natural Hickory
Sangria Natural Hickory
Sepia Natural Hickory
Traditional Cherry Natural Hickory
Autumn Gold Natural Hickory
Cognac Natural Hickory
Early Harvest Natural Hickory
English Natural Hickory Honey Natural Hickory
Merlot Natural Hickory
Natural Natural Hickory
Royal Natural Hickory


Colonial Maple Maple
Early American Maple
Golden Oak Maple
Jacobean Maple Natural Maple
Rose' Maple
Sangria Maple
Sepia Maple
Suntan Maple
Traditional Cherry Maple
Autumn Blush Maple
Curry Maple Veneer
Fawn Maple
Meridian Maple
Mink Maple Pearl Maple
Rosewood Maple
Spice Maple

Quarter Sawn Red Oak

Colonial Maple Qtr Sawn Red Oak Natural Qtr Sawn Red Oak
Sepia Qtr Sawn Red Oak
Traditional Cherry Qtr Sawn Red Oak

Red Oak

Early American Oak Golden Oak Oak
Rose' Oak
Suntan Oak
Burnt Sienna Oak
Cognac Oak
Early Harvest Oak
Fawn Oak
Golden Oak Oak
Merlot Oak
Muslin Oak
Natural Oak
Pearl Oak Sicilian Umber Oak Spice Oak Wheat Oak

Rustic Alder

Early American Rustic Alder
Golden Oak Rustic Alder
Rose' Rustic Alder
Suntan Rustic Alder American Walnut Rustic Alder
Deerfield Brown Rustic Alder
English Rustic Alder
Maple Nut Rustic Alder
Natural Rustic Alder
Pecan Rustic Alder
Special Walnut Rustic Alder
Timber Rustic Alder

Rustic Cherry

Golden Oak


Early American Walnut Jacobean Walnut
Natural Walnut
Sepia Walnut
Coffee Bean Walnut
Ebony Walnut
English Walnut Hazelnut Walnut
Light Walnut Walnut